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Services and activities

Our hosting service is complemented by an excellent and personalized attention from the owners, who will spend as much time as possible with the guests. During the stay, the food service will satisfy your appetite with the greatest pleasure.

For the guest interested in the "farming" it will be of interest, to visit the milking parlor and cow feed production, as well as nursery areas for calves. Within the facility, you may see the workstations and vaccination locations for animals, silos to store food for cattle in times of scarcity. Very close to this areas are the agricultural machinery sheds, barns and warehouses.


After visiting the installations, it is interesting to walk through the pastures areas for grazing of dairy cows that are close to the stables.
People who like bullfighting cattle can visit the various plots where bulls from different spigots and backgrounds are kept. Also,as the group of calves that generate respect from the very beginning.
For those who just want to walk and admire the scenery, we recommend several trails filled with pine and eucalyptus trees that lead to the top of a hill, where you can have a great view of the area. Following one of these trails it is possible to reach a natural waterfall over 100 m high. And more than this, find native altitude vegetation of the Ecuadorian Andes such as Pumamaquis, the Cerote, etc.


Lovers of horseback riding may have several route options that vary in length and difficulty. Our animals are horses that are ridden daily and are in good condition.

Another option we offer is a visit to the Hidden Lake (San Marcos) and the slopes of Nevado Cayambe using 4x4 All Terrain Vehicles. Our area provides for those who enjoy mountain biking, trails free of traffic and Andean landscapes ideal for this type of activity.

Many people simply come here to relax, read and enjoy everything offered by this magical place in the Ecuadorian highlands.
The Hacienda also has camping areas, for which visitors bring their own equipment.


Customs and Traditions of the Hacienda

Between June and December it is possible to participate in all the rich and magical Indian festivities full of pre-Colombian symbols and values which survive as part of Catholic celebrations like the Feast of San Juan and the Cocks’ Parade in June, or in honor of The Virgin de la Merced in September, in which religious processions and parties with fire works at night take place. A tradition of the mountain itself is the Loop Contest, in which Chagras (cowboys of the highlands) catch, in the shortest possible time, the bull trying to escape using halter with which they cleverly link it.

And in a combination of pre-Hispanic rituals to accompany these festivities, at various times of the year, picturesque wild- fighting cattle testing is a unique attraction for those who enjoy Spanish traditions. Indeed, inspired by an ancient family hobby, we are dedicated to raising Fighting Bulls and wild cattle, which gives a special and legendary and mythical characteristic to the region, that only the bull, from his birth until his trip to the arena provides. Of course the herds of bulls graze away from the residential complex of the Hacienda, in the highlands and remote areas in a beautiful natural environment suitable for this purpose.

costums and traditions


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