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The Stallions
The Mares
The Fillies

Working in the countryside

Working on the farm: Oswaldo Chiriboga and Kilimanyaro

The Beginning

For over thirty years, we have dedicated "La Merced Baja" to the breeding of horses, in order to have work animals for daily use on the farm, as well as for equestrian sports.

By the year 1993, we increased this activity with the PRE Spanish Horse breeding, importing the first specimens from Costa Rica of Livestock "Ocho Estrellas", brought back from the Spanish livestock Terry, Odiel, Lazo Diaz and others, then went enriching the herd with a new importation of specimens from Spain of the Livestock "Can Boada" with the most noble Carthusian origin, as is Robert Osborne and Miguel Angel de Cardenas, Military Stud of Jerez.


Our criteria has been to seek for individuals that are always on the morphology of the Breed standards, giving priority to those individuals who stand out for their movements, job skills and fit for equestrian sports. Currently, our livestock consists of 3 stallions, 15 mares and 15 colts and fillies of different ages.

3 Mares: Altanera MB, Orgullosa MB, Abadesa XII

3 mares (Altanera MB, Orgullosa MB, Abadesa XII)


Due to its location, at 2900 meters, in the middle of the Andes, with a temperate climate with temperatures between 8-22 degrees Celsius, and a topography that includes flat valleys and towering mountains, the site presents optimal conditions for PRE horse breeding, both in the wild and semi-freedom, encouraging the development of animals with wide chests, strong bones and big hearts adapted to the height of the Andes.

a group of mares on the farm

A group of mares on our farm

All our horses have been registered in the Stud Book in Madrid, Spain through the ANCCE (National Association of Breeders of Pure Spanish Horse), and comply with the morphological parameters required at international level, with certificates that guarantee their progenies and quality of these products due to the rigorous selection practiced in these animals.

David Chiriboga with Galan MB

David Chiriboga with Galán MB (Spanish Purebred breeded on our farm)



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