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Landscapes and Surroundings

The farm, due to its location, is surrounded by different landscapes of the Andes; it lies between Cayambe with a height of 5790 meters, and the Imbabura, which has a height of 4630 meters.

Volcan Cayambe

The Eastern Cordillera highlights amid green pastures and an impressive variety of colors and tones given by the variety of Andean crops from the area. The valley is protected by forests of pine, eucalyptus and native species resulting in a micro-climate favorable to agriculture and livestock.
As The Valley is away from major urban centers and main roads, it allows you to enjoy a unique tranquility and security.

Every corner of this farm is full of unique natural details, given the diversity of its topography and flora and fauna of the Inter Andean Region. Behind every hill, one can find a new landscape, a corner to admire.

Hacienda La Merced Baja


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