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Lhe old rooming house of the farm’s employees has been restored to welcome our guests.

We tried to keep the full original design of the house.

As a fitting tribute to those characters who have made the history of mountain farms and have been part of everyday life of this estate until today, we wanted to identify each room with the name of each of these workers. 

These same rooms were occupied at the time by them. The furniture in these rooms, old and some antique, has been rebuilt and restored for the comfort of our guests.

Hacienda La Merced Baja - Guest house
room ofthe butler

Butler's room:

The steward is the person with most authority and tradition in the Hacienda, representing the employer (owner of the farm) when he is not there; he is respected for his knowledge of the countryside, agriculture and livestock, all this learned through a lifetime of experience.

The Butler's room is a suite with a double bed, living room with fireplace and sofa bed, and a spacious bathroom with tub.


 Clerk’s room:

The clerk was the person responsible for keeping all books, journals and records of the Hacienda.

Day to day, he was in charge of checking the number of animals, calving cows, balancing the different accounts, recording the daily milk production, as well as of potatoes, barley, and others.

He is a character who is disappearing in the estates and being replaced by computers.

This is a double room with two beds, a fireplace, and original furniture from the estate. The bathroom is large with a comfortable shower.


room of the clerk
room of the Huasicama

Huasicama’s room:

This room was occupied by the Huasicama, the person in charge of taking care of the Farm house and facilities; for which this person lived permanently in the Hacienda.

This room has two comfortable twin beds, the fireplace is covered with antique wood also, the furnishings are original and have always been owned by the family.


Mayoral's room:

The Mayoral was the person responsible for executing the orders given by the Butler; his job was to supervise and work with the laborers (workers engaged in agricultural work).

The room has a beautiful antique bed carved entirely by hand and complemented by a comfortable fireplace and private bathroom.


room of the Mayoral
room of the Cuentayo

Cuentayo room (person in charge of a herd of animals):

This character who is responsible for the care and herding animals in the Hacienda, normally knows each animal both by its features as its name.

He is responsible for the animals, making sure they always have enough grass and water.  And must surround the fields where animals graze to see that they are well.

This room has a bed that belonged to a priest from a nearby village that dates back over 100 years. Its broad and finely decorated headboard and footrest are outstanding. It has a fireplace and private bathroom.

The attic of the Water Bearer:

The bearer is the person in charge of irrigation water in all pastures and fields of the hacienda and is responsible for the canals, water intakes, use of shifts which determine the growth of crops during the dry season.

The attic has two rooms and three comfortable antique beds, with private baths.

The attic of the water bearer


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