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Located in the Zuleta valley surrounded by mountains and Andean landscapes, away from main roads and known primarily for people who live there as La Merced Baja. This beautiful place is just 100 km from Quito, 16 km from Lake San Pablo, near Otavalo. And 22 km from Ibarra and Lake Yahuarcocha, places that every visitor should know.

Volcan Cayambe

Visible from the Farm is the beautiful snowcapped Cayambe, within the Cayambe-Coca Nature Reserve, which is located a few kilometers from the main house, a temptation for those seeking adventure tours.

Bordados de Zuleta

For those looking for the rich Indian handicrafts is Otavalo, the great Indian market, just a few meters from La Merced, with its renowned Zuleta embroidery. All these sites are reachable by trails and secondary roads.


The valley has at least 750 years of continuous habitation, as evidenced by the beautiful funerary monuments, a series of mounds (mounds, ceremonial or housing) and numerous pieces of pottery that have been found.

With the arrival of the Spaniards arrived the farms or haciendas. La Merced, as the name says, belonged to the Order of the Mercedaries, until it changed in the late nineteenth century, into private hands. Since the early 70's of last century it belongs to the Chiriboga Family, the current owners.

Hacienda La Merced Baja


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